My name is Paloma and I have a weird obsession for tiny things.

Tiny things are cute and lovely. You can hold them in your hand, collect them or carry them in your pocket.

I love small cards, glittery stickers, all sort of minuscule boxes, puppies, kittens, doll house furniture, fairies, tangerines, cupcakes, rings, ladybird and babies.

Everything is better in miniature format.

This is how the tiny marmalades arrived to my life. I have more than 100 different tiny jars at home.

Some years ago I found myself unable to find another new jar for my tiny collection, so in October 2013 I decided to start preserving and packing them by myself. The Tiny Marmalade Company was born.

Cooking is one of my greatest passions. In the kitchen I feel relaxed and cheerful and is where the most exciting things always happen.

And because not everything in life can be canned in a tiny pot, I decided to start this blog.

Welcome to my tiny project. Come in and feel at home.