Second Anniversary!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Today more than ever I’m glad you are here.

Two years ago today I published my first post. A shy, short and not very good post that became the beginning of this adventure.

I remember how excited I was. Full of ideas, dreams and goals to achieve.

Two years ago, The Tiny Marmalade was born. A crazy project that started due to a variety of reasons. A project that has fulfilled most of my entrepreneurial dreams, where all my ideas had a place to be. But more important, a project that has proved myself that I’m able to create beautiful things when my self-esteem was really poor and my self-confidence really needed it.

This year a lot of amazing (and not so amazing) things have happened to me.

Maybe the best thing about having your own business is the amount of people you can meet (including greeting Mary Berry – AKA my now BFF – again!!!), and the amount of events you are invited to, such as the South West Fairtrade Business Awards, the Devon Life Food and Drink Awards or the BBC Cake Show in London. Not to talk about the incredible amount of free food and drinks you are given, including an unbelievable amazing Smoked Maple Syrup Whisky Cocktail that I still dream about.

During this time, me and the best husband ever have produced more than 20.000 tiny pots of jam, that have been sold in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and Deutschland! My living room has turned into a warehouse and sometimes I even struggle to find the kids around the boxes.

I’ve shared 109 recipes and histories with you, letting you know about some of my biggest fears, like visiting the dentist or getting a mole removed; and some of my quirks. This year I’ve cooked with a lot of different people, like this Courgette & Date Bread I particularly enjoyed doing with my sister. Bur without a doubt, the best thing is to plan, prepare and eat all the recipes with my little one, my love, my heart, my soul. My little chef who never stop surprising me, as when he proposed me to prepare this Superfood Fruit & Quinoa Salad.

I’ve produced more than 20.000 tiny pots of jam, I’ve been featured in Vogue (yes, VOGUE!!) I’ve cried, I’ve wanted to give up, I’ve got up again and I’ve carried on. And on. And on. Despite the lack of sleep. Despite the frustration some times.

This year I’ve also faced one of my biggest challenges: learn to play the piano. And I’ve kept dealing with my internal conflict with exercising  more

To be truthful… it has been really exhausting but amazingly funny and rewarding.

I still have lots of new ideas and missions to accomplish (as to greet Mary Berry for the third time!). But maybe something I would really like is to encourage you to leave me comments in my posts. I love receiving your emails and messages, but I think the only way for a blog to grow is with your comments. So… don’t be shy, I’m really looking forward knowing your thoughts!!

And this year, again, I would like to thank everyone who has helped, supported, purchased or advised in any way. My little big family, specially to my husband (not enough words to say how amazing you are) and my two little ones. To my mum and mum in law. My friends, specially Mandy, Cecile, Rachael, Fran, David, Tami, Encarna, Oiane, Isa, Esther and Lis for being always there and demonstrate that friendship know nothing about languages, distance or time. Alan, for being the best provider ever (for second year in a row!). Intoto Kitchen and Charlie Liddle, for an amazing photo shoot. Holly Phillips (Country Homes & Interiors), Matt Bielby and Laura Rowe (Crumbs Magazine), Anna Britten (Exeter Living), Colin Mordi (The Food Sauce), Sally Newel (Inspired Bride), Becky Stacey (Guild of Fine Food), Chrissy Harris, Susan Clark and Su Carrol (Devon Life), and Anita Merritt (Express & Echo) for your support. Phil Deen, from Exeter Business Support, for your amazing advice. Our stockists, for trusting in our tiny pots, specially to Darts Farm, Real Food Store, Dartington and Not on the High Street. 

And last but not least, to all our amazing customers and readers. Thank you all. 

Without you The Tiny Marmalade wouldn't be possible.


  1. Congratulations on all you've achieved. hope to see you at the next Fairtrade business awards! :-)

  2. Thanks Jenny!! We will, that's for sure!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Tiny Marmalade! Congratulations for these two years of hard work and great results, amazing stories in your weekly posts, and tasty recipes. I'm very proud of you. Very well done, my little girl.

  4. I feel very privileged to be part of the Tiny Marmalade Corporation, it's been an amazing two years, to see you grow and achieve so much. Very proud of Paloma & Raul for all there hard work and effort.

  5. Thanks Mandy. And thanks for being such an amazing friend.


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