Cod en Croûte with Halloumi & Sundried Tomatoes

Friday, 27 May 2016

I absolutely loved driving.

I wanted to be a race car driver for some time. I used to take longer routes in purpose. I dreamed with a 4x4. 

It's been 5 months since I gave up driving.

When you have a car, all car-ish things seem pretty normal and mundane: expending a fortune in fuel; wasting time trying to find a parking space; stopping in the double yellow like "just for a minute"; yelling at people unable to learn how to drive in a roundabout; being trapped in traffic jams; wasting your Sundays at the garage or getting upset because "someone" touched the upholstery with chocolate hands.
All these things just seem completely unacceptable to me now.

But I won´t lie. I have not gave up driving 100%, as with 2 small children there are occasions where you need a car (or maybe not, but it definitely makes your life a lot easier). But I would say I now use my car at least 80% less than I used to. And when I do, I really enjoy it.

It has not been all easy. I was massively unfit, so during the first few days weeks I had to stop, catch my breath and walk my bike for a good stretch. Also, it really did bother me getting wet on rainy days and arriving to the office soaked and looking scruffy. Not to talk about the almost impossible task to cycle to school with a 6 and a 4 years old, laptop bag, lunch boxes, book bags, teddy, helmets, science project and PE kit. And I won´t even mention all sort of safety hazards and uncivilized car drivers we have to face each day. But men, we did it. 

I have been cycling almost everywhere for the last 5 months and now, all those very good excuses I used to have when giving up driving was such an unthinkable act, look completely meaningless. Or almost.

I love how the air feels in my face when we get across the park in our way to school. I'm saving around £50 per month that I'll put towards a nice weekend away. I feel better, healthier, happier, and regret free if I eat a slice (or two) of chocolate cake. And even cycling under the rain doesn´t bother me anymore!

But what I like the most is the freedom-feeling that cycling everywhere provides you with. When I cycle I'm able to appreciated of the world around me, feeling more connected, and have good space to think and form thoughts. Cycling is good for the soul.

This week's recipe is amazingly tasty and easy to prepare, you could even pack and take it to the park on your bike for an impromptu picnic!


1 Shortcrust Pastry Roll
1 Cod Loin
250gr Halloumi Cheese
1tbsp Olive Oil
3 Spring Onions
150gr Sundried Tomatoes
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 Free Range Egg


Preheat the oven to 200C.

Season the cod with salt and pepper. Unroll the shortcrust pastry and place the cod in the middle. 

Heat the olive oil in a pan over medium heat. When hot, add the halloumi slices and cook for a few minutes without stirring, until the bottoms are well-browned. Turn the slices with a spatula, and brown them on the other sides. Set aside.

Add the tomatoes to the cod, and the sliced spring onions and top with the Halloumi cheese.

Cut the pastry and wrap the cod in a braid as in the picture.

Brush the top of the pastry with beaten egg.

Bake for 35 minutes or until golden brown and cook in the middle.

Serve warm and enjoy.

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  1. The joys of living in a city and getting 'one-up' on the cars :)
    I love the versatility of stuffing pastry - great idea this, always looking for things to do with Halloumi so will give it a go.


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