Potato, Chorizo and Onion Spanish Frittata

Friday, 25 July 2014

My husband and I are meant for each other. Together we make an incredibly good team. And this is because we are completely different.

I am organized, thorough and tenacious. He is untidy, forgetful and unfocused. On the other side, I’m impulsive, passionate and a bit flighty. He is reflective,  a perfectionist and meticulous.

We balance each other, he makes me slow down when I’m at full gallop and I encourage him when he’s feeling indecisive. And it has been like that for the last 13 years.

Being different has lots of advantages when managing a household. He’s the best bathroom cleaner and I’m amazing at arranging meals. 

But, we have a problem with our stuff. I’m a chartered member of the just-enough-rubbish brigade and my husband has a serious case of Diogenes Syndrome, or better known as let's-keep-it-just-in-case disease.

Cauliflower, Pistachio and Wild Mushrooms Soup

Friday, 18 July 2014

Something I have always wanted to do is go camping. 

I never went on a camping trip when I was a child, and since then I have wanted to put that idea into fruition. This is why ages ago I gave a camping tent to my husband for his birthday. A camping tent we sold brand new when we left Spain, as we never used it. Failed present. Eek.

Since I live in the South West I have been giving the idea of camping more thought. But every time I proposed it, the never-ending list of stuff to buy and prepare ended up deflating us. Camping tent, sleeping bags and rugs, rucksacks, lanterns, air pump, water jugs, thermos, stove, matches, plates & bowls, folding table and chairs, compass, whistle, candles… the camping gear needed to survive out in the open is never ending. Not to mention all the hassle of packing up, setting up, dismantling and packing up again with 2 toddlers running around and rummaging in the other camper’s picnic baskets. Hey Yogi! Yes, Boo Boo? Just by imagining the picture I start to feel stressed.

Dark Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Friday, 11 July 2014

Things won’t change unless we change them. Sometimes it is so tempting not to get into trouble and leave things that are unfair, as they are. Sometimes we even do ourselves a disservice as long as we stay in our comfort zone. A full-of-rubbish comfort zone. Warm and well known rubbish that pushes us down. “Not that bad” rubbish that don’t allow us to breath. Stinking rubbish we have got so used to that it seems better to stay there just in case we get brand new rubbish that is even worse. The status quo is so much easier to deal with, we know it and are used to it – it is the easy option.

Sometimes we are so covered by rubbish we are not even able to see above it, believing this is the only way to be.

Meringued Milk

Friday, 4 July 2014

Is the glass half full or half empty?

The optimist says the glass is half full.

The pessimist says the glass is half empty.

The realist says the glass contains half the required amount of liquid for it not to overflow.