Selfish Tiramisu

Friday, 27 September 2013

Tiramisu is the most incredible and delicious desert ever. Has coffee. Has chocolate. Has cheese. In two words, is perfect.

The only problem with tiramisu is... the other people. Yes, because is the kind of desert you know you´re going to ask for even before the starter but, when the waiter come with the deserts menu, the other people start asking for non-tiramisu things and there is where the problems begin.

FACT. If only you ask for a tiramisu, a dozen of spoons, one after another one, will get into your dessert to the sound of "may I just try a little bit." All you can do then is try to eat any crumbs left.

Or maybe you can bake a couple of this tiramisu selfish edition cakes.

Turn your radio on, choose the most romantic station and... be ready to treat yourself.


To make 12 tiramisu you´ll need...


1 Yogurt pot (I´ve used a greek-style one)
3 Eggs
1 x the size of the yogurt pot of sunflower oil
2 x the size of the yogurt pot of sugar
3 x the size of the yogurt pot of self raising flour
4 Chocolate chips biscuits
3 tbs of instant coffee
1 tbs of Amaretto
Mini loaf cases (or any other cases)
1 Tiny jar of Banana and Date jam


1 Mascarpone Cheese pot
60 gr. unsalted butter
300 gr. icing sugar
1 tbs milk
A sprinkle of cocoa powder


Preheat your oven to 140ÂșC.

Put the yogurt into a medium bowl and add the eggs. Mix them together. Tip: If you use a hand whisk, the cake will be more spongy.

Add the oil and beat in again. Then add the sugar and the instant coffee. Mix all ingredients together.

Add the flour and gently whisk just until blended and smooth. Trick: for better results, sieve the flour with a strainer before adding it into the mixture. 

Mix again with the whisk and finally blend with an electric mixer until the batter is thick and shiny. Add then the biscuits chopped and remove gently.

Scoop the batter into the cases. Then bake in preheated oven around 25 minutes. Trick: to check if the cake is ready, prick it with a toothpick and if it comes up with some wet batter, the cake needs to bake some more; if it is dry, then the cake is done. Never open the oven until the cake has completely set, otherwise the cake will "fall".

Let the cases cool completely on a rack. Then remove the top center of the cake and fill it with Date and Banana jam. Put the piece of cake back again.

In the meantime, you can prepare the Mascarpone buttercream. Put the butter in a bowl with the icing sugar and the milk. Trick: for perfect results, the butter should be at room temperature and easily workable and the icing sugar should be sieved with a stainer.

Mix well with an electric food mixer. Tip: put a tea towel over the bowl, otherwise your kitchen will look like a beautiful snowy landscape.

When the cakes are completely cold, decorate them with the buttercream using a piping bag. Then, sprinkle the cocoa powder on top.

  Finally add some chocolate and don´t forget to hide them all from the reach of strangers.


With this cakes we have supported McMillan Biggest Coffee Morning. Cancer is the toughest fight most of us will ever face. And no one should have to face it alone. Support McMillan.


  1. Seems delicious!! "Pa chuparse los deos!!" We'll try it ;)

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. It's a really easy recipe, you should definitely try it!


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