A whole new world

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The first step is recognize it… yes, I have a problem. That´s it. I´m insane about tiny jars.  My husband will probably say I´m insane. Full stop. But this is just because my husband loves me. And he loves me as much as I love tiny jars. Oh, dear. Here it comes again… my “problem” I mean…

Let´s try starting again with this.

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. Leaves fall, color changes, and it´s the perfect season to start any crazy project. Even as crazy as this one actually is.

Tiny jars arrived to my life around 10 years ago. I was on holidays and I saw them on the breakfast buffet for the very first time. I couldn't believe it... What a lovely creation! They were exactly as normal jars, but… miniature! A whole new world arose suddenly: no more almost-empty-jars at the bottom of the fridge; no more boring always-the-same flavors.

I felt I must bring them with me. So I discreetly slipped them into my pocket. Yes, I´m this kind of person. No, I don´t feel proud of this. Yes, I have more than 500 tiny jars. Draw your own conclusions. And no, I haven´t opened ANY of them in my whole life. WOW. Yes.

I adore those lovely, diminutive and cute jars shining on my cupboard.

Yes, I may have a problem. And this is why I´m writing this blog.

As a jam-o-therapy.


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