Chunky Chocolate Leftovers Milkshake

Friday, 16 January 2015

Yes. I do agree. There is something wrong with the title of this post. I have been bashing my head against the wall with this all week. Chocolate I-was-shamefully-unable-to-eat-this-Christmas Milkshake? Chocolate how-can-this-be-possible Milkshake? Chocolate next-time-eat-faster Milkshake? None of them really suited me.

The reality is that sometimes in life, completely unexpected things happen. Like me having chocolate leftovers. Or me, having chocolate leftovers. Or me, having chocolate leftovers. Oh, man, it is so not the usual me!!

But this Christmas that is not the only weird thing that has happened to my household. No, because this Christmas a fairy has moved in with us. A F-A-I-R-Y. A real one.

You may think I have been eating far too much chocolate. Well, obviously not enough according to the title to this post. Theory refuted. 

So, as I was saying, a fairy has moved into our home from Ireland. The process has been so formal and authenticated that we have even had to sign a contract. Against all predictions, fairies doesn’t like surprises. 

Bootsie, that's her name, moved with us on Christmas Day. I have said nothing before because I wanted to give her plenty of time to settle in. Now that she is obviously feeling at home (as we have found her underwear in our laundry basket… the lazy tiny fairy she is), I can tell you a bit more about her.

We have not seen her, as everyone knows that if a fairy is seen, she could lose all her magic and fall extremely ill. But we know she’s there because she writes us letters, we find fairy dust in the kitchen (I am sure she has been fiddling in the biscuit cupboard, hope she has not found the cheese puffs, as it is strictly forbidden for fairies to eat them as everybody knows), and she has even a mountain bike! A tiny yellow mountain bike parked in her front door. 

Oh, c’mon, stop grimacing. There is a fairy. A real one. With tiny little wings. Living in my house. In my kitchen, to be precise.

She has a tiny glittery door with 3 wooden steps. The day we received the notification letting us know that she was moving in with us, the door was there. Some sort of elves should had fitted it overnight. We were given a key that we left for her to pick up, open the door and move in.

The following day, the key had disappeared. 

We have been writing lovely notes to each other. She likes to go outside and discover new things, ride her bike and pick up leaves and flowers. We protect her, providing her with a warm, loving and secure home. And as long as we believe in her, she will be living at home providing us with hope, intrigue, wonder and all things magical. 

The day we prepared this chunky chocolate milkshake, we left a tiny cup in her door. The following day not a single drop was left. Instead, a shiny little heart was left and we all felt so happy and fortunate for the priceless gift of having her with us.


Per shake

1 Scoop Vanilla Ice-cream
250ml Semi-Skimmed Milk
70gr Chocolate Leftovers (although a bit more won’t kill you)


Blend the milk with the ice cream. Add the chocolate. Tip: if you fancy a less chunky shake, blend for longer. Serve immediately and drink. Repeat as much as needed.


  1. Beautiful,beautiful post,i want a fairy like yours at home too!!!

  2. It's amazing to have a little fairy living at home with us. She is providing us of magic... every morning is as a little Christmas morning, wondering if we are going to find a new letter or a new tiny-fairy thing in her little doorstep... Nice pictures ;)

  3. Thanks! The milkshake was absolutely delicious and easy to make I might be having leftovers in purpose in the future just to have an excuse to do it!

    Marta, you can have a look at


  4. This is particularly nice if you have leftover Terry's chocolate orange - I melt the chocolate with a little milk before blending to get rid of any bits

  5. Brilliant suggestion Darren!!! I will give it a try as I have quite a few orange chocolate left over this year!

    And great suggestion melting the chocolate!



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