A piece of Heaven

Friday, 11 October 2013

Sometimes the destiny makes you discover amazing places.

This time the destiny had women’s name: Jenny and Jemma.

Some days ago I received an email from a cafe interested in my tiny jars. I couldn't be more excited. As I like to know where my tiny jars are going to live, I offered myself to visit them and bring some samples with me. As the day dawned sunny and warm, we decided to go with the kids for a day out.

45 minutes driving later, we arrived to one of the most amazing and incredible places I have never been.

When we parked our car and walked through the pebbled path that led to the cafe, an incredible overview of a wonderful beach appeared in front of us.

Rock pools full of clear and warm water. Tiny crabs. Miles and miles of golden fine sand. And the blue endless ocean.

Before we could even realize, the kids were running and jumping from puddle to puddle. And, of course, off we went with them. It was one of those moments when you realize that you're completely happy, even for an instant.

In an old building snuggling into the cliff we found a delightful little cafe: The Old Mild Cafe.  

Their lovely owners, Jenny and Jemma do their best to make you feel at home. The inside of the cafe has room for around 5 tables and is fitted out in a shabby chic delicious style. White wooden tables and colourful chairs make this cafe a warm place perfect to share a cup of tea with friends, read a book, enjoy a piece of cake with the family or just look at the sea.

Fresh locally roasted coffee and homemade cakes, generously filled sandwiches, gorgeous pasties and all sort of ice cream flavours and products from local producers can be found in their cafe. Food can also be ordered to take away.

In this occasion we went for the egg mayonnaise safe bet, the Devon ham one, a packet of Burts Potato Chips and a piece of chocolate cake with clotted cream.

If you have spotted a nibble you´re right. My little one almost ate it at once even before I could turn the camera on. After all this jumping, puddling, splashing and running he was completely starving.

We sat on stone bench in front of the beach. Everything was delicious. Friendly and helpful service and breath-taking views of the sea.

After lunch, we went for a walk along the coastal path which was simply wonderful. Pure nature, calm and beauty at this a gem of the South West.

Definitely, Wembury Beach is a piece of heaven. And you can now taste and buy our jams just there, at The Old Mill Cafe.

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