Flourless lime and Coconut cake

Friday, 20 December 2013

1000. One thousand. 1k. A lot.

This is the amount of Tiny Marmalade pots we've sold so far. 1000. Amazing.

We launched 3 months ago plenty of hope, illusion and uncertainty. We have worked very hard betting on a crazy project that few believed.

Today, The Tiny Marmalade is a reality that has reached hundreds of people worldwide.

We have received compliments and criticism, always constructive, that have helped us and help us grow.

Thank you very much to all those who have helped make our dream come true. Thanks to all of you who have written us, read our blog, commented on Facebook, submitted our rating app, retweeted, supported, encouraged and of course all those you who have enjoyed our Tiny Jars.

Thanks specially to our suppliers and distributors. Thanks Cris, Alan, Emily, Natalie, Phil, Jennifer and Jemma for your patience and helpfulness.

To all of ye and those who are to come, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and that 2014 brings you everything you desire.

With all our love,

The Tiny Marmalade Team.

This week's recipe is definitely one of the best cakes in the world. Took from The Hedonista, this gorgeous cake is wheat free, grain free, dairy free, low in fat, moist, finely textured, exotic, pretty, keeps well and is incredibly easy to make.


6 Eggs
3 Limes zested and juiced
125 gr Caster sugar
200 gr Ground almonds
125 gr Finely desiccated coconut
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 Pinch salt

1 Mojito Marmalade tiny jar


Preheat the oven to 160.

Beat eggs and sugar on a high speed until smooth and creamy, and then add lime juice and zest, salt and baking powder.

Finally stir in almonds and coconut with a spoon.

Pour into a lined tin and bake for 55 minutes or until a spike tests clean. Trick: this is a sticky cake, so for best results use baking paper.

Sprinkle some icing sugar and serve warm or cold together with a scoop of clotted cream and some Mojito Marmalade.

In the original recipe the cake is covered with syrup, but I thought it was going to be too much for me, so I just sprinkled a little bit of icing sugar. Next time I'll do it fully covered with home made lemon curd.

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