Timbale Duo or the ultimate Uncooked recipe

Friday, 13 December 2013

This week has been a normal week.

A week to switch off the alarm clock at 6.30. To have a shower and eat my breakfast in my way to work. A week to be in an office 8 hours per day, trying to make them as much interesting and pleasant as possible.

A week to arrive home and deal with meals, baths, bed times. A week to invent new games.
To go to the moon. To jump in the bed. To read the same book 100 times. A week to tidy up when everybody is sleeping.

And in spite of  been a perfectly normal week, I feel completely exhausted.

This is why this week's recipe is the ultimate uncooked recipe. Because all I want is just wrap me with my duvet and sleep for hours.

A timbale is basically any dish displayed using a cooking ring. Lots of different combinations that will have a professional and restaurant look in just few minutes.


2 Potatoes
Some rocket and spinach fresh leaves
Some Camembert cheese
100 gr Duck and Orange Foie
1 Avocado
1 Leek
150 gr King Prawns
1 Apple
1 Tsp Olive Oil
A pinch of salt

1 Dragon Fruit and Raspberries jam pot
1 Stardust jam pot

2 Cooking rings


Place the rings in a plate. Boil the potatoes and put a layer at the bottom of the ring about 1 cm thick. This will be the basis of the timbales.

For our first timbale you need to put in layers the king prawns, avocado, camembert, some Dragonfruit and Raspberries jam and rocket leaves.

For our second timbale you need to do the same but this time with the leek, apple, foie, Stardust jam and spinach leaves.

Smash a little bit with the fingers to make all the layers stick together.

Remove the rings carefully and enjoy a quick, restaurant-like dish that will be ready in minutes.

Thank you Mandy for lending me the rings... not sure I'll return them!


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