Potato, Chorizo and Onion Spanish Frittata

Friday, 25 July 2014

My husband and I are meant for each other. Together we make an incredibly good team. And this is because we are completely different.

I am organized, thorough and tenacious. He is untidy, forgetful and unfocused. On the other side, I’m impulsive, passionate and a bit flighty. He is reflective,  a perfectionist and meticulous.

We balance each other, he makes me slow down when I’m at full gallop and I encourage him when he’s feeling indecisive. And it has been like that for the last 13 years.

Being different has lots of advantages when managing a household. He’s the best bathroom cleaner and I’m amazing at arranging meals. 

But, we have a problem with our stuff. I’m a chartered member of the just-enough-rubbish brigade and my husband has a serious case of Diogenes Syndrome, or better known as let's-keep-it-just-in-case disease.

So he keeps on collecting useless stuff “just in case” and I keep on clearing things out mysteriously.

The rule is: I find it. I hide it for 4 days. If nobody realizes… I move it on the recycling bin. And I find my strategy is as effective as it is magnanimous, as he still has a few days until the refuse truck collects the bins.

Sometimes I allow the little devil on me to show off. Shame on me, but nobody is perfect. “Darling, I’ve discarded 3 or 4 things you really didn’t need in the last few days”. “Oh, really? What kind of things? How do you know I didn’t really need them? We may need them in the future!!”. “Well, if you are able to tell me what’s missing I’ll give them back to you”. Silence.  Resignation. Victory.

Believe me, those are the kind of things that make a marriage last forever.

This week recipe is a tribute to the let’s-keep-it-just-in-case philosophy, a Spanish Frittata made from leftovers. You can really put almost any leftover in an omelette: pasta, meatballs, vegetables. Whatever. The difference between an omelette and a frittata is that the first one folds in a filling and the second one mix it in. Omelettes have the egg mixture cooked in a frying pan and folded around a filling, while a frittata just mixes it all up and is baked in the oven.


For the frittata:

5 Medium Potatoes
2 Onions
150gr  Chorizo
6 Eggs
3 Garlic cloves
4tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste

For the side:

1 Fresh Bread Load
2 Tomatoes
A pinch of parsley
2tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste


Heat the olive oil in a saucepan. Add the onion and the garlic cloves and turn the heat to medium to fry gently. Stir until  sweet and golden. Add the potatoes peeled and sliced. Then the salt and pepper. Cook over low heat and cover with a lid stirring occasionally. Tip: you can choose if leave or take out the garlic cloves at this point. From my personal point of view, they are absolutely delicious but for example my husband doesn't like them, hence why this time I've discarded them.

When the potatoes are soft, add the chorizo and cook for around 5 more minutes over high flame.

In a large bowl, whisk the eggs and add the potatoes, chorizo and onions. Beat carefully not to mash the potatoes.

Pour the mixture in a oven tin and bake for 25-30 mins or until a knife in the centre comes out clean.

In the meantime, slice some fresh bread and toast in the pan previously used for the vegetables for around 3 minutes each side. Pour some extra raw extra virgin olive oil and put some fresh tomato slices on top. Sprinkle with pepper, salt and parsley.

Remove the frittata from the oven and serve warm with the tomato toasts and a chilled San Miguel.


  1. I think I am reading about my own marriage! LOL Bit I hope muy other half didn't read this or he'll set the "4-days-on-limbo" policy over muy stuff!!!! ;)


  2. Hahahaha,,,, I bet all couples are the same!!!! Maybe the question to ask is… which team are you a member of?? :)

    Thanks for your comment!!!

  3. I am afraid I am the one with Diogenes syndrome...-- ;)

  4. My husband loves frittata, I shall definitely try your recipe out on him :)

  5. In that case I'm sure he will love this one! I would love to know how it went.

    Thanks for your comment!


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