Cauliflower, Pistachio and Wild Mushrooms Soup

Friday, 18 July 2014

Something I have always wanted to do is go camping. 

I never went on a camping trip when I was a child, and since then I have wanted to put that idea into fruition. This is why ages ago I gave a camping tent to my husband for his birthday. A camping tent we sold brand new when we left Spain, as we never used it. Failed present. Eek.

Since I live in the South West I have been giving the idea of camping more thought. But every time I proposed it, the never-ending list of stuff to buy and prepare ended up deflating us. Camping tent, sleeping bags and rugs, rucksacks, lanterns, air pump, water jugs, thermos, stove, matches, plates & bowls, folding table and chairs, compass, whistle, candles… the camping gear needed to survive out in the open is never ending. Not to mention all the hassle of packing up, setting up, dismantling and packing up again with 2 toddlers running around and rummaging in the other camper’s picnic baskets. Hey Yogi! Yes, Boo Boo? Just by imagining the picture I start to feel stressed.

If only someone will be kind enough to set up a cosy and nice tent for us? 

Bing bing bing! 

And the answer to my pleads prayers had a name: GLAMPING.

Glamping is like camping but cooler, posher and more glamorous as everything is already set up, so you only need to go there and chill out under the stars. Some people will say it is like having decaf coffee… but know what? I LOVE decaf coffee. And I love heaters. 

Cornwall seemed to be a great place to go glamping, so we picked a date and booked a Wigwam Camping Pod at Penbugle Farm, near Liskeard. Four other families, friends of ours, decided to join our decaf camping adventure.

We arrived after a smooth one and a half hour drive from home and the place was amazing. Lizzie greeted and showed us our pod. A cosy, spacious and warm wooden pod in the middle of a fresh and green meadow. Immediately the kids pulled off their shoes and so did we.

There’s nothing better in this world than sore tired feet on fresh grass.

Our friends arrived as well, a total of 20 of us between adults and children. We had dinner all together at one of the wooden picnic tables, we ate and drank, and talked and laughed, and played and smiled. And then we all went to bed for a wonderful all-night-long sleep.

The following day we visited the lovely town of Looe. It is perfect for families as the town centre is car-free. Had lunch at The Golden Guinea, not the best food ever but good value for money and large private rooms to fit 20 people without booking. Then Lime and Chili ice cream - that thank God a mad seagull hunted from my hands as it was super-extra spicy. I wonder if she died after eating it.

We came back to the farm and had a nice dinner in the communal kitchen as it was quite drizzly outside. The kids didn’t seem to be bothered about the rain, as they were playing at length under the stars.

Sunday dawned sunny and pleasant and we had a Scavenger Treasure Hunt all over the place. What a great fun! 

Finally we packed up and decide to have lunch again on Looe beach before coming back home.

The first thing we did, after turning on the washing machine 4 times, was to book another great weekend of lazy decaf camping. Then I prepared this cauliflower soup from a fresh and beautiful cauliflower I brought from the local market. A warm, nutritious and surprising soup to recover strengths.


1 Cauliflower
2 Leeks
150gr Almonds
1 Medium Potato
2 Onions
100ml Double Cream
100gr Wild Mushrooms
Salt and Pepper to taste
3tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A bunch of chives
A handful of pistachios
Some grated Parmesan



In a big saucepan put the cauliflower, leeks, peeled potato, onions, chives, olive oil, a pinch of salt and the almonds with plenty of water. Boil for 25 mins or until the cauliflower is soft and tender.

Drain the water and blend everything together. Add then the double cream, salt and pepper and blend again until the mixture has a smooth texture.

Pour some olive oil in a pan and lightly sauté the wild mushrooms.

Finally, cover a oven tray with baking paper. Display some grated Parmesan and bake for 3 minutes. Allow to cold completely.

Serve the soup in a bowl, place the mushrooms, sprinkle with some grated pistachios and decorate with the parmesan brittle.

Eat warm and enjoy!

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