Parsnips & Mascarpone Soup

Friday, 6 November 2015

A couple of weeks ago we decided to join a local organic vegetable box scheme. Basically, you pay a fixed amount of money every week and they send you a box full of seasonal, fresh and organic vegetables, milk and eggs.

I was a bit unsure about it, as I like shopping and choose whatever I fancy eating that week.

However, after a couple of weeks receiving it, I must admit it has been absolutely brilliant. Every Wednesday, a surprise box is waiting for me in my front door. Everyone gets really excited while we discover what veggies have we been given this week. Not to talk about the slugs hunt around the kitchen!

It really puts my creativity to the limit as I, of course, try to use everything I got, even if I don´t have a clue about how to use it. Or what it is. I didn't know there were so many varieties of root vegetables!

So since then, I basically open the fridge each night and prepare something with whatever is available: kale, lettuce, carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, leeks, onions or swede.

Something we have noticed is the flavour. Everything tastes more and better. We used to buy organic fruit and vegetables anyway when possible, but I presume that what makes the difference is the fact that none of the products have been frozen. So basically, what you are eating has been picked up from the field and put in your box straight away. With their tenants.

I´m really loving these boxes and having to create new recipes from scratch with whatever has been included that week is great. The price is fair and no more than I would spend in a normal supermarket anyway. 

For example, this week´s recipe has been made using only fresh, local and organic produce. This soup is full of flavour and makes a wonderful autumn dinner.


Serves 4

5 Parsnips
4 Onions
3tbsp Honey
75gr Butter
1tbsp Ground Cinnamon
1tsp Ground Ginger
1pinch Nutmeg
1/2 L Water
100gr Mascarpone Cheese + 50 for garnish


In a deep pan, melt the honey with the butter to medium heat. Chop onions and parsnips and cook for around 5 minutes stirring continuously. Add all the species and turn the heat down. Cook for around 15 additional minutes until the onion is golden brown and the parsnips are soft.

Add the water and boil to high heat for 15 minutes. Blend together with an electric blender and add the mascarpone. 

Serve hot and add a dollop of mascarpone. Garnish with some crispy onions, poppy seeds and fresh parsley.


  1. The ingredients pictures are totally amazing!! Well done

  2. Will definitely be giving this one a go as I have loads of parsnips to use up, so thanks :)


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