Coconut, Lime & Nuts Crusted Seafood

Friday, 18 December 2015

One of my favourite hobbies when I am on my own (and with no access to the internet) is to think what I would do if I would win the lottery. Sometimes I dream I win 5 million, sometimes is more. The figure gets so big that I lost count of how much I've won really. But it is a dream so I wonder it does not matter.

I really enjoy wondering about how I would spend the money. And most of times I end up giving the money away to other people. I buy nice presents to the people I know, I randomly pay for the shopping that complete strangers is doing in the supermarket, I give money to people that have a dream to fulfil, and in general I spend the money in a million ways so everyone is a bit happier. I also save some for me, so I can do an amazing trip around the world.

But don´t get too excited, because the reality is that I never buy lottery.

It is funny how your mind flies when you are waiting for the bus or walking on your own with nothing else to do or anybody to talk with. 

Sometimes I wish I have a remote control that makes other people's cars to freeze if they are driving recklessly. I point at them with it and press the button, enjoying their annoyance and bewilderment when the car turns into a massive ice cube after seeing them not stopping on a pedestrian cross or driving next to a cyclist faster that they should.

In other occasions, I also wander what would have happened if I would have chosen a completely different path in life. How would my life look like if I had decided to become a doctor? An astronaut? A librarian? A dancer? Well, let´s be honest. There is no way I could have become a dancer... I'm the lack of coordination made person.

When I was a teenager my parents used to live in a house quite far away from the city centre. I had to walk for a long time to go anywhere and as there were no mobiles by that time, I used to think lots and lots and lots. I remember holding heated discussions with myself about life, religion and philosophy. An intense teenager I was.

But something I remember quite vividly is when I spent months trying to split my mind in two. Yes, just as you read it. I was convinced that I could split my mind in two in order to think about 2 different concepts at the same time, reaching different or even complementary conclusions about two different subjects at the same time, as if 2 people were talking to each other, but being just me.

I now feel a bit not-sure about the whole theory but I still believe if someone trains and trains and trains enough, could potentially be able to use a higher percentage of their brain in order to work on different concepts at the same time. And thus, being able to discover meta-concepts derivative from the original and more simple concepts conceived by a lineal thinking mind.

I have just read the whole thing and I'm not quite sure about how long it will take for someone from the mental health services to give me a ring.

This week recipe is a lovely starter that has nothing to do with splitting your mind in two, but a lot with opening it to new flavours, textures and combinations.


For the skewers

300gr Squid Rings
250gr King Prawns
100gr Dessicated Coconut
50gr Chopped Mixed Nuts
Juice of 1 Lime
300gr Plain Flour
A bunch of Coriander
1/2L Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Wooden skewers 

For the dipping

100gr Dessicated Coconut
30gr Sweet Paprika
Juice of 2 Limes + 1 Lime 
3tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Wash the squid rings and king prawns in fresh running water. Season with the lime juice, salt, pepper and chopped coriander to taste. 

In a deep bowl mix the flour with the ground nuts and the coconut. 

Mix the squid rings  in the batter with your hands making sure all the rings are evenly coated. Do the same with the king prawns. Remove the seafood from the batter onto a plate and shake off any excess flour. 

Heat up the extra-virgin olive oil in a deep pan. Keep the temperature at a high and gently place some of the squid rings in the hot oil, making sure they are not crowded. Fry until golden brown and crisp. Transfer to a large plate lined with paper towel to drain. Repeat with the king prawns.

Thread 3 or 4 pieces of rings and prawns onto each skewer and finish with a slice of lime.

To prepare the sauce, put all the ingredients in a deep bowl and mix with a hand blender until smooth.

Serve hot and enjoy!

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