Pineapple Buckwheat Muffins

Friday, 15 January 2016

I have always wanted a dog. Since I was a child I pled my parents for one, but they always said no. Sometimes our house was not big enough. Other times we had no budget for the vet and food costs. Most of times it was just not the right time. So I grew feeling that I was missing something. A dog to share my games with, to walk, to stroke and hug. A furry friend to love. 

During my primary school years I must admit was not very popular. I never had a “best friend” and I used to struggle with social events like birthdays and school parties. And I was so desperate to have a dog that I remember pretending I had one, which didn't have a good effect in my classmates when they discovered the truth.

I dreamed about finding an astray dog somewhere, rescuing it and taking it home so my mum had no choice but letting me keep it. But that never happened.
Now, I still want a dog. But life gets busier and trickier and I am more conscious of the huge responsibility that owning a dog is. With both me and my husband working full time I feel it will be a bit unfair to have a dog 7 hours home alone every day. I know there are lots of family dogs going through that every day. I could pay someone to walk him at midday. And I could give him quality time in the evening, with long walks, cuddles and lots of play time.

I was secretly hoping that at some point my sons would ask me for a dog in tears. So I had no choice but give in. But they are simply not interested. If we see a dog in the park it’s me who gets overly excited “look, look, a doggy! How cute! Can I play with him? Is it ok if I touch it? Can I borrow for a while? Maybe if I pretend he was lost and I take it home nobody would notice”. They just go by and say “oh, yes, another dog…”

How extremely disappointing. 

So almost every week I pose the question to my husband: “do you think we could get a dog?” and he looks at me with affection and feeling sorry for my childish spirit and, very practical he is, starts talking about all the inconveniences that having a dog has and why our currently busy lives would turn absolutely manic with a dog to look after. Who’s going to wake up 1 hour earlier to walk him in the morning? Who is going to come and walk him at midday? What about holidays? And he pulls my feet back to the ground and I realise how difficult it would be.

And I wonder if I would need to wait I'm retired to be able to have a dog. But I also think it is a marvellous thing for a child to grow having one. And this permanent discussion with myself leaves me feeling rather confused, tired and hungry.

Energizing and nutritious, this week recipe is perfect as a breakfast or snack before walking your dogs. These filling muffins are made from energizing buckwheat flour and a tasty combination of macadamia nuts and pineapple. They contain no added sugar, are high in fiber and also gluten free!


2cups Buckwheat Flour
1cup Ground Almonds
1/2cup Natural Greek Yoghurt
1tsp Baking Powder
1tsp Baking Soda
1tsp Ground Cinnamon
1cup Pineapple Puree
2tbsp Grated Fresh Ginger Root
1cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3tbsp Honey
3 Eggs
1 Pinch Salt
Macadamia Nuts (1 per muffin)

Some Pinneaple & Ginger Jam to garnish.


Pre heat the oven to 180C.

In a large bowl, combine the buckwheat flour wit the ground almonds, salt, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon.  In a separate mixing bowl, blend together sugar, oil, honey, yoghurt, eggs and ginger.  Stir in the pineapple puree.  Add dry ingredients and blend well to form a semi-thick batter.

Grease a non stick muffin oven tray and pour the batter up to 2/3. Top with a macadamia nut.  Bake muffins for about 15 minutes, until toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

Leave the muffins in the tin to cool for a few mins and transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

Serve, garnish with some pineapple jam and enjoy! 

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