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Friday, 22 January 2016

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you would probably know I am a quite impulsive person. I don’t give things second thoughts most of times, which made me be the dream of any salesperson.

I am not very extravagant though, however if I fancy something, I may buy it without much planning.

And that’s exactly what happened last weekend, when I saw an amazing American Blender at only £14.99. I mean… an American Blender!!! The 80’s children would be with me in that an American blender is the coolest thing you could ever have in your kitchen.

Hand blender with 34 accessories? Not impressed. Food processor? Meh. Kitchen Aid? Well, there is no need to be out of the line.

I looked at my husband with puppy dog eyes and the thing was in our trolley. I then obviously came back to the fruit aisle to top my basket with fruit of all sorts. Having a daily fruit juice in the mornings and looking like Jane Fonda has been one of my dreams since 1992. 

When we arrived home I went straight to the kitchen, opened the box, took the blender out, put some stuff we don’t really need such as the toaster and the bread box and the boiler and the… in summary, I made some space for it in the middle of the countertop, exactly where the first sun beam reflects in the morning, and the song of the birds can be better heard, and I could sit and enjoy my morning juice with my wristbands, my leg warmers, my lycra pants and my sweat band, looking exactly like Jane Fonda. Then my husband came with half of the shopping and gave me the “already” look.

I told him, sounding very convincing, that I was not (of course) going to use it straight away (I wouldn’t dare). I was just seeing how it fits in the kitchen. I started putting the shopping away and when he came with the rest of the bags I had a nice display of fruit and vegetables on the table. 

“Already” look again. But I was definitely not going to use the blender. Of course I was not! I was just sorting the fruit and vegetables out by colour and size and making up in my mind the first recipe. He looked at me with this acquiescent look that I love and asked me… it would be great to try it now that you have all the fruit ready!

And I almost. Was soooo tempting. But I had to be strong. Having a smoothie at 4.00pm would only wreck the whole thing. So I said “no, thanks” and with a heavy heart I left the room.

The following day, I set up the alarm. Woke up. Run downstairs and prepared my first American Blender Smoothie ever: kiwi, pineapple, spinach, kale, ginger and lime.

Oh my gosh. It was amazing.

I poured it into a fancy long glass, finished with a straw and a kiwi slice.

I sat in my worktop and when my husband came downstairs, looked at me and said “you just look like Jane Fonda!"

Leg warmers by Mandy Wonderful Woolens

This week’s recipe is, of course, one of my favourite fruit and vegetable combinations that you can blend together to get your five a day in just one go. A delicious, healthy and cheap way to start your day. Seriously, breakfast juicing is one of the best things you can do to prep for a happy day!


300gr Pineapple
150gr Spinach
2 Kiwis
50gr Kale
Juice from 1 Lime
250ml Water
2tbsp Fresh Ginger Grated


Blend everything together and drink within 20 minutes.

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  1. Me encanta!! voy a coger la receta para hacerlo en casa. Además, el color es espectacular!!


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