Popcorn Lollipops

Friday, 21 February 2014

Last weekend, my 4 years old decided he wanted to make a machine. He was absolutely committed to it. He spent three days designing the superstructure, planning how the inner mechanism was going to work and how we should ensemble each piece. And he did a list of which materials we were going to need.

He has been completely excited about it the whole week. We had to put all the designs in a poly pocket to avoid biscuits, milk or chocolate stains causing a major incident. And he has left them  in a "super secure place" whilst in school so nobody can copy or steal anything.

He has had lunch with them, slept with them and you won’t believe how tricky it was to make him understand that it was not possible to go into the bath with them.

Saturday morning we went to the Scrapstore to buy all we needed for the machine. Plastic cups, funnels, cardboard boxes, glue, paper. After lunch we started the process of building a machine that transform water… into food.

The original idea (taken from the film “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs”) was to pour the water through a funnel in the top and get cheese burgers in the bottom. After some discussions, meters of cello tape, bottles and bottles of glue, home-made paper mache, bits and pieces everywhere, the machine was finished.

We were a little bit scared that after all his efforts, plans and patience he felt frustrated because of the results.

But then, he took the machine and put it on the floor. Pour the water on top. Pressed all the buttons. Make some blam, pinch, tuff, noises. Put his hands under the machine and…. Suddenly… with a bright blue light, a wonderful cheese burger appeared there.

We just couldn't believe it. We managed to put all the pieces together and make it work!!!

And trust me, it was the most tasty, delicious and amazing hamburger we have never had.

After a couple hours playing we decide to watch the film once more time. And instead of having our usual mega bowl of pop corns, this time we deserved something really special.


100 gr Popping Corn
3 Tbs Olive Oil
200 gr Dark Baking Chocolate
Sea salt

Lollipop Sticks


Heat the oil in a deep saucepan. Put the popping corn and cover with a lid. Tip: try to put just one layer of popping corn at time to avoid the kernels get burnt.

The pop corn should begin popping soon. Once the popping starts, gently shake the pan by moving it back and forth over the burner. Tip: try to keep the lid slightly ajar to let the steam release, this will result in a crispier pop corn.

Once the popping slows for several seconds between pops, remove the pan from the heat and dump the pop corn intermediately into a wide bowl.

Chocolate can be easily melted in the microwave. Set the heat in the lowest level and go for short blocks of microwaving, between 10 and 20 seconds. Check the progress and stir with a plastic spoon or spatula. 

Place the sticks in a non stick mat or baking paper. Put some pop corns in one side making a circle or any other shape. 

Pour the chocolate over the pop corns and sprinkle some sea salt. Tip: salt enhances chocolate flavour.

Allow to cold completely and devour.


  1. This seems the happiness recipe: Everybody has eaten pop corn. With sugar, with salt, with both, and even with chocolate (salt over chocolate is simply the best). But pick things that you normally do, and do it in a different and amazing way (pop corn in a lollipop) is the best great idea ever!!... Because everything it's possible if you think that it's. :)

  2. Yes, everything is possible if you think that it's. :)

  3. Soooo nice story! He , my little engineer ;) They (kids) can teach us so many things... I wish he never lose this perspective.

    1. Thank you very much!! Yes, he's such a little engineer :)


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