Root Vegetables and Red Kidney Beans Pie with White Wine Sauce

Friday, 7 February 2014

Drizzle, pour, shower, rainfall, rainstorm, flood, mist. There are around 30 synonyms of rain in the dictionary. And just 2 antonyms.
According to the Met Office, it has been the wettest January since records began in 1910.

WOW. That´s a lot of time. One drizzle day. One stormy day. One rainy day. And that's the pattern. Are we living in a never-ending weather forecast loop?

But the true thing is we're going to have weather, whether we like it or not. And I love rain. Really, I love it. But even the best chocolate can fill you up if you eat it quite often. Every single day. Tons of chocolate.
I have had the opportunity of visit the Met Office. It is a huge modern building full of people doing things: typing, moving papers, looking at screens. But... what are they really doing? Are they really doing something? Is a wet finger in the air an accurate forecasting method?

The fact is that it seems to be a general feeling that their predictions are little short of ridiculous. Why can't they get it right for once?
How can this happen in a country that spends 50% of the time talking about the weather, 40% looking at the forecast and 10% fighting with their umbrellas?

Maybe their aim is not to lie deliberately. Maybe the weather they forecast is what they would like to happen. Maybe they are only trying to make us believe that other thing but rain is possible. Maybe the just want to keep the flame of hope burning.

I have just look out of the window. And guess what? Yes, it is raining.
This week´s recipe is fairly easy to do. With just 4 ingredients you can prepare a whole nutritious dinner that taste delicious and looks quite professional.


For the pie

500 gr Diced Root Vegetables
1 Can od Red Kidney Beans
1 Piece of Camembert
150 gr Ham Slices
2 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For the sauce

100 ml Double Cream
100 ml White wine
2 tbs Plain Flour
Salt, pepper and parsley to taste.


Preheat oven to 200ยบ.

Cover an oven proof pan with the ham slices.

Steam or boil the root vegetables until soft and tender. Mash a bit with a fork. Mix with the Red Kidney beans and put in the ham.
To prepare the sauce, put all the ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir all together and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until thickened.

Pour the sauce over the vegetables. Then cover with more ham slices.
Finally, put some camembert on top.

Place in the oven 10 minutes.

Serve hot.

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  1. I love what and how you write, even when you write about weather. Is the wettest January since 1910? I can't believe it!. I thought all Januarys here were as wet as this January... :)


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