First Anniversary!

Friday, 3 October 2014

One year.

That is 365 days. 8760 hours. 525600 minutes.

56 recipes. More than 11,000 visitors to our blog and website. Around 9,000 pots sold. Hours and hours of hard work, but also laughs and great times.

When I first started this blog I was so worried about putting my words out there for anyone to see. I probably spent over two hours on my very first post… which is hilarious because it isn’t even really a “post.”

Then, every week has been a new challenge. Something I was sure about is that I didn’t want to cook typical dishes, or recipes copied from somewhere else. I wanted to create, to innovate, to design and prepare my own recipes. But the more you seek inspiration, the more amazing recipes you find out there. Like the crinckle cookies recipe, which was truly a challenge that ended up as a success and one of the most popular recipes on this blog.

There have also been some surprises. Like the Gazpacho Andaluz, which not only has received hundreds of visits, but also was published in the Exeter Living Magazine. I never expected that any of my recipes were going to create that much interest out there. 

Every week I receive lovely emails from you, my amazing customers and readers, with lovely comments about the recipes and the stories. You have been here both in the good times, as when I won the Fairtrade Business Award or when I meet Mary Berry; but also in the not so good times, as last year when I had a terrible flu for around 3 weeks and all I wanted was to cry under my duvet. You have also been there in the really bad times, even if you weren’t aware of how bad they were… and thanks to this blog I managed to keep myself busy without thinking too much about what was worrying me.

The Tiny Marmalade has changed my life.

You have changed my life.

You have contributed to making me feel happy every single day since this adventure started in October 2013.

Really special thanks to my bundle of helpers, supporters, advisers. My husband, first of all, for being my love, my best friend, my life. And for coping with my tiredness, even when I really didn´t deserve it. My two sons, my inspiration, and who are without doubt my best tiny creations. My friends, especially to David who is ALWAYS there telling me what I need to hear with no sugar-coating. Cecile, from the amazing Au Bout Du Pre, with whom I´ve learnt and grown and had soooo much fun. Mandy and Rachael, my proof readers, counsellors and shoulders to cry on. Fran, for listening to me. Ana, Isabel, Juanma and Anabel, for helping me when I couldn't make the days last 25 hours. Alan, for being the best provider ever. Anna Britten (Exeter Living), Chrissy Harris and Susan Clark (Devon Life), Su Carrol (Western Morning News) and Anita Merritt (Express & Echo) for your support. Phil Deen, from Exeter Business Support, and Chris Gardener, from Strategic Mentors, for your amazing advice. Our stockists, for trusting in our tiny pots. Encarna, Emilio, Gemma, Esther, Elena, Sophie, Sarah, Phil, Bob, Andrea, Juanjo, Carola, Irene, Michael, Darren (and a lot more!) for your ideas and unconditional support.

Thank you, thank you so much to everyone. Without you The Tiny Marmalade wouldn’t be possible today.

For those who wish to know more of what is happening in my kitchen in between my posts, please visit me on my Facebook page or Twitter page where you will find updates and photos that I do not normally publish here. 

Looking forward to another year of crazy recipes, lots of fun and tiny marmalade.



P.D. And last but not least, the winner of our 1st Anniversary Giveaway, consisting of a stunning Tiny Marmalade Hamper is…… PAINGTON POET. Thanks for such a lovely poem, it was a truly a gift for us.

“I love you because you’re tiny,
But make more than just marmalade,
Preserving fields and hedgerows,
And it is all Fairtrade”.


  1. The new look is great!! Looks amazing!!!

    56 recipes? really?

    Thank you for your words and congratulation for your first anniversary.

    I'm looking forward to read the new recipes and new posts!

  2. Congratulations to the tiny emporium of lovely jams and marmalades, well done to you.....Looking forward to celebrating the next years anniversary too x
    Roll on London lets take The Tiny Marmalade to the City.................


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