Sushi Sandwich Rolls

Friday, 5 December 2014

Last week I decided I should start doing some sport again.

For the last 2 years I’ve been training with a senior basketball team. I reckon it was classed as senior just because of me, as none of the other players were older than 21. So literally it was a bit of “is this granny in shorts running around the court completely nuts?”. I wouldn’t say I had a bad time with the team, the girls were great, but the team stopped training last summer. Then I started to run, but I didn’t go too far (LOL). And I even tried with a boot camp, but it didn’t meet my expectations. So after an exercise strike, last week I decided to give my poor body another go.

Encouraged by my osteopath, that person who tries to break all my bones on a weekly basis in order to make me feel better, I contacted a netball club. As per their website, it looked as if it was a senior team meeting once a week and playing a sort of no-bouncing-allowed basketball. All looked great, however, due to my previous experience with not-so-senior teams, I was a bit cautions before making any assumption.

So there I was. Thursday night. Trackie on. Ready to jump and run and bounce… eek, no, no bouncing allowed. I (of course) got lost trying to find the place. 20 minutes later, I managed to get onto the court. All seemed good at first sight: I wasn’t the eldest!!!! There were woman of all shapes, sizes and ages, doing their best to have a good time and shake their bodies for a while. They even had pink balls!!! What else I could have asked for.

I had a great time and the girls were amazing. I went back home with the firm will of coming back the following week. But of course it was too good to be true. The next day I woke up with terrible back pain. Sciatica. If you haven’t had the pleasure to meet Mrs. Sciatica it feels as if somebody is using you as a voodoo doll. Specially down there. Where the back changes its name.

I’m starting to consider seriously that life is trying to tell me something. Seriously. But I’m not getting it.

Dear body, I promise I will be gentle with you next week. I will only run a bit. No press-ups, no push-ups, and overall, no bouncing. It won’t even feel like we are exercising. So please, dear body, just stop this boycott to all my attempts of being fit.  And If you behave, I’ll prepare something delicious for you to feel fulfilled. Something like these sushi sandwich rolls, so light, tasty and easy to make that you will feel glad that we came back for it.


8 Bread Slices
70gr Smoked Salmon
½ Cucumber
3 Seafood Sticks
½ Avocado
Carrot Batons
80gr Soft Cheese
10gr Wasabi
Fresh Chives
Salt and Pepper to taste
Sesame seeds

Soy Sauce to dip


Flatten the slices of bread with a rolling pin. Cut off the crusts. Mix the soft cheese with the wasabi and spread over the slices. Lay some salmon, cucumber, seafood sticks, carrot, avocado or any other ingredient you fancy. Tip: these rolls can be made of almost everything including: Brussels pâté and salami, humus and fresh vegetables, peanut butter and banana (dip them in chocolate!), and whatever your imagination can think or is available in your fridge!

Roll up the bread, pressing gently to seal, then cut each roll into four equal pieces. Tip: you can use cling film to do it. Put them in a board, tray or plate. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.

Serve with a bowl of soy sauce and a pair of bamboo chopsticks.


  1. All your adventures/histories always are very funny... Perhaps is the way in how you tell them. I enjoy a lot reading them . For the recipe, soy sauce strongly recommended

  2. Thank you!! I honestly believe my life is actually quite simple... but I try to look at the funny side of things!!!


  3. LOL. Yeah, how make a sciatica story seem hilarious! Poor Paloma! Let your boys take care of you! :*


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