Andalusian Yorkshire Puddings

Friday, 19 December 2014

Today I’m feeling a bit like… meh. I am so extremely exhausted that, after different attempts from my inner me asking for a break (including a cold and a terrible sciatica) I believe my body has turned the standby mode on.

Since November I literally haven’t stopped. I even believe that at some point someone implanted 2 additional arms below the two I currently have. I have jammed, labelled, wrapped and posted more than 4000 tiny pots of jam and marmalade and more than 500 Christmas Crackers. I have been featured in Vogue as the 3rd most recommended gifts this year. I have received 2 awards. I have taken part in a Secret Santa, been a Sheppard in a nativity, gone to the cinema with the boys to see Paddington, set up my stunning Christmas tree, taken piano lessons, sent lots of Christmas cards, cooked for the family, went to work every day, attended a proper British Christmas lunch hosted by Rachael and her amazing husband… being here and there. And I have enjoyed. And I have had so much fun. And I am knackered. And my husband too… bless him.

Incredible things have happened over the last two months, I have achieved more than I would had ever imagined. I feel proud of my amazing husband, of my family, of my friends. I feel proud of myself. At some point I honestly thought I was not going to be able to cope with it. 

But now I feel so tired that I can only dream on fluffy pillows, cosy duvets and comfy beds. Big fat white sheep flying around me, singing lullabies, with the smell of fresh mown grass in a warm summery afternoon.

So now, after the Christmas noise, din, ruckus and hubbub, I feel quite… meh. 

Not impressed by the Christmas lights. Not bothered by the children choir singing like little angels. Not even sneaking a peek to the presents under the tree. 

I am feeling so meh that this week recipe is something I prepared back in August and I had on the shelf in case of an emergency. And this is an emergency. A real one.  But even if I’m feeling meh, this recipe won’t leave you feeling indifferent.  I’ve checked and you can still find frozen broad beans in any supermarket and, although nothing can compare the deliciousness of fresh crunchy broad beans, this recipe will make a great starter to any festive lunch.


For the Yorkshire Puddings

4 Large eggs, measured in a jug
Equal quantity of milk to eggs
Equal quantity of plain flour to eggs
Pinch of salt
2 tbsp olive oil

For the filling

500gr Broad Beans
1 Small Fresh Black Pudding
250gr Pulled Ham
1 Onion, diced
2tbsp Iberico Fat 
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup white wine


This dish is better if served warm, so we’ll start preparing the filling.

Melt the Iberico fat in a pan to mid heat (if don’t have or don’t want to use that, pour 4tbsp extra virgin olive oil instead). Add the diced onion and stir fry until golden brown. With a knife, open the black pudding and crumble the meat. Additionally, you could use a grinder, but the result is much better if you do it with your fingers. Add to the pan and stir for around 10 minutes.

Finally add the ham and the broad beans and stir until they are soft and tender. Then, turn the heat to maximum and immediately add the white wine. When the wine starts boiling, turn the heat back to medium and let reduce completely. Season with salt and pepper to taste and leave at minimum heat to keep it warm.

Then, we’ll prepare the puddings.

You can see how to prepare proper Yorkshire Puddings here. To make the individual size, you can just use a cupcake mould.

Fill each pudding with the broad beans and serve warm. 

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