Farmhouse Beef Broth

Friday, 10 July 2015

After my little rant last week, I have decided to stop moaning, lead by example and take action to help change the world for the better.

I have been reading a lot of blogs and watching youtube videos. I just wanted to prove myself that doing our bit was not that difficult. That there are lots of people out there thinking the same. Doing things for other. Trying to change the world.

And know what? I found hundreds of projects that are already contributing to make this world a better place for everyone. Initiatives about planting a gardencleaning upeating healthierbuying responsiblyvolunteering or just being kinder with the others really restored my faith in the humankind.

Also, I found a lot of people writing and discussing about this, with engaging titles such as "10 Common Mistakes That Prevent You From Being Happy", "5 Stupid-Simple Ways To Make The World A Better Place This Week" or "You Can Help Save The Planet. Here's How."

But being realistic, I cannot do everything. At least, not everything at once. So I have decided to start being more aware of myPersonal Social Responsibility, that is, doing to others what I would like others do to me.

How am I going to do this? I will start carrying out random acts of kindness.

Random acts of kindness are a means by which we make a deliberate attempt to brighten another person's day by doing something thoughtful, nice, and caring. Kindness is a way of showing others that they count and that, even in the face of hostility and selfishness, you're making a stand for kindness.

So here is my list of ideas that I'll be doing starting from today:

  • Send someone a hand written note of thanks.
  • Put some coins in someone else’s parking meter.
  • Send someone a small gift anonymously.
  • Write notes of appreciation at least once a week.
  • Pick up some rubbish in the road which would otherwise be lying around.
  • Compliment a work colleague for their excellence.
  • Give a piece of fruit to a delivery person.
  • Tell all your family members how much your appreciate them.
  • Leave a copy of an interesting book on a train / bus.
  • Bake some goodies and bring them to work for your co-workers.
  • Hold the door open for someone.
  • Give your change to the homeless.
  • Share your umbrella with someone who didn't bring one.
  • Leave “I love you” notes for your partner to find
  • Help someone take their shopping to their car
  • Make a card at home and send it to a friend for no reason.
  • Let someone go in front of you in traffic.
  • Hold the elevator for someone.
  • Have a friendly chat with the cashier.
  • If you had a good service at a restaurant, let the manager or waitress know.
  • Treat a friend or relative to lunch.
  • Write down positive quotes and place them in library books.
  • Smile a lot.

Do you think you could do something of the above? Yes? In that case... What are you waiting for to start spreading the love today?

My first random act of kindness is this recipe. It is a slow cooked recipe, a nurturing and comforting broth that made all the family to sit down around the table smiling at each other and remembering stories about when we were little.


1 Bone Marrow
1 Beef Rib Joint
3 Carrots
4 Medium Potatoes
2 Leeks
2 Onions
1 Cup White Wine
1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 Sliced Garlic Cloves
2 Fresh Rosemary Sprigs
1 Bay Leave
2.5L Water
Salt and pepper to taste

1/2 Cup Brandy


Heat the olive oil in a very large heavy pot. Add the garlic cloves until soft brown and then we will seal the meat.

Searing meat is 100% about building flavour, not about locking the juices in, as some people tends to think. When a piece of meat hits a scorching hot pan, the surface instantly begins caramelizing, which will give our broth an amazing deep flavour.

Meat needs a few minutes of uninterrupted contact to properly seal. Tip: it will actually stick to the bottom of the pan at first and then release naturally when sealed. After a few minutes, shake the pan. If the meat releases from the pan, it's ready to be flipped to another side.

Once you've sealed all sides of the meat, transfer the meat to a food container, and add the vegetables to the remaining oil. Stir fry carrots, potatoes, leaks and onions cut in big chunks for a couple of minutes stirring continuously. Put the meat back in the pan, add the bone and the white wine.

When the alcohol has evaporated, add the water, rosemary and bay leave and bring to boil. Then simmer for at least 2.5 hours preferably uncovered.

With a slotted spoon, remove all the vegetables and meat from the pan and set aside. You can keep them in the oven at really low temperature until serving.

Strain broth with a sieve over another large pot. Add the brandy.

Serve the broth in a bowl and let the dinner guests help themselves with the meat and vegetables, or if you are planning to cook something different to serve afterwards, why not prepare amazing croquettes with your broth leftovers? Find the recipe here.


  1. Brilliant! Paloma Beautiful! ;)

  2. I love your post today. I think it's more positive than the previous one, and is full of great ideas!. I'm going to join to this initiative, to create a better world.
    The broth was full of flavour, very tasty. Amazing recipe, one of your best.

  3. Thank you so much!

    Home made broth are really the best thing you could do for others food wise!


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